Thursday, 16 July 2009

#2 winter holiday

After making this blog for like several months, this might be the 1st time I really write with all of my heart. Well, this is my winter holiday and I'm back in Indonesia *it's really wonderful anyway*. First, I went to Bali for 5 days and it was awesome!

I went there with my family and we stayed in Kuta Seaview Hotel. There was a lil bit annoying problem about the room but it was fine. The room I got is quite simple, which simple means small but enough. But it has suite room *sure it does* and the suite room is cool. The price is reasonable too and we got breakfast everymorning. The restaurant is an Italian Restaurant but their fried noodle is great! The swimming pool isn't huge but I like the atmosphere. I did sunbathing there but I couldn't see any significant difference.

I have a temporary tattoo! It was angel's wings. They were way cool but when I was taking shower I rubbed it so it's not clear now. I don't know why but I always have a freak obsession of angel's wings. Whenever I see angel's wings, eventhough they're small, for me they look so powerful and strong. Weird huh?

Well, it's enough for now. I'm gonna post another one about the culinary in Bali. L8R :)

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