Thursday, 22 April 2010


Well, I know, I know. It's like the fourth month of 2010 already, but yet, I haven't said anything about this new year, eh?

As once said, being late is better than never.

It means a lot to me. Sometimes it reminds me that, hey, you're in year 12 already. Be a lil bit mature, please. Ah, sometimes it reminds me that, c'mon, don't tell me that you believe in that 2012 thingy... And it surely does remind me that I've stayed in Auckland for more than one year. Time goes so damn fast, doesn't it?

And yes, it is April, which means I'll be sixteen soon. To be honest, I'm not even excited about my birthday. My birthday seems like nothing if I compare it to my whole life. Nothing awesome has never really happened in my birthday, but in contradiction, days that I didn't expect to be good, turned out to be lovely and memorable. Based on my experience, it's better when you don't expect anything in your birthday, because you'll be disappointed if things don't turn out as you want them to.

Auckland today?
Pretty cold. Ah, I have day off tomorrow. It's teacher's only day :) And tonight is ball!!!
OMG I can't believe that next year will be my turn. It's gonna be my first and last ball ever, I suppose. Chisato's -my homestay mate- is going to the ball tonight, since she's year 13. And she got this cute cute cute simple dress. Should post it later... It's pink and black, with a little ruffle on the front. Looks so cute :)

PS : I don't know why but I really miss Indonesia lately. Before going to sleep, I always imagine what I'm gonna do there. Trust me, imagining works !!!! And I've decided to do more blogging this year. Hopefully ^^;;

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