Saturday, 22 May 2010

Break , Broke , Broken

It was a rainy and gloomy day, and by rainy, I mean like super wet. If I'm not mistaken, it was raining since the night before. Non-stop. The weather was truly acting like a bi*ch, the wind was like blowing every student's skirt and the rain made us all drenched. This accident happened during Maths lesson, which was the 4th period.

When I got into the class, the desks were all everywhere, messy. I threw off my umbrella to the floor and started to placed those desks back to their appropriate places. Everything was fine, until I realised that I accidentally put one of the desk at the top of my umbrella. But still, I had not realised how much damage I had done to him (yes, I refer to my umbrella as him). I was having a mock test for Statistics tho, so I didn't really pay attention to anything else.

After finishing the mock, I went out of the class and yet, it was still raining. I tried to open my umbrella, but he couldn't be opened. My umbrella was really cool, actually, we just needed to press this one button, and he could open and close himself straight away. But that day, I pressed the button many many times and still, he didn't work. He could be opened, but he would close himself straight away. I was so... hopeless, then I met this one friend of mine. She discovered that the handle was somehow bent and I realised, that might be because of the pressure of the desk, since the desk itself was quite heavy. Then she did something that caused the problem got bigger and more complicated.

She twisted my umbrella.

At that time, I still had not realised that it could become that complicated. Then I asked my friend to fix it and so on. But everything we did was completely, totally, useless. Nothing happened, then I began to think about something beyond human stupidity. I was thinking of twisting it back.

Then there I went, twisting my umbrella.

Foolish, you may call me.

Then he became totally broken.

Break. Broke. Broken.

R.I.P My Dearest Disney Umbrella, Dmitry
July 2006 - May 21st , 2010

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  1. hey there :) ive just read your comment on my post. padahal udah superlama yaah dr oct 09 haha. met kenal yaaa :) km aucklandnya dmana? aku mau masuk AU nih. cici di AU?